ISS Heading

ISS: Open to the Public!

The International Seating Symposium is right around the corner and this year there's a new twist. ISS will open its doors to the general public for the Wheelchair User Experience - a program brought to you by, which advocates for greater access to appropriate wheelchairs, mobility scooters and seating systems for people with disabilities. We encourage all to come out and test-ride Active Controls' products at Booth #194!


International Seating Symposium

Users First: The Wheelchair User Experience

29th ISS brings consumers to the table

USM Merges with ATG

Teaming up two of the three big companies in complex rehab is what ATG President/CEO Paul Bergantino calls “truly exciting news.” Cody Verrett, VP Sales/Marketing for ATG Rehab, may have summarized the move best: “At the end of the day, that client that needs that equipment needs a quality ATP and a strong team behind them, as long as we continue to focus on doing that and doing that well, we’ll be successful for many, many years.”


ATG Rehab & United Seating & Mobility Announce Merger

ATG, USM set transition path

Rehab News Heading

Gerald Simonds and the JoyBar

To commence the launch of Active Controls' products with UK distributor Gerald Simonds Healthcare, they took the JoyBar over to the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre at Salisbury Hospital. There, Ian Warren, a Wheelchair Seating and Posture Technician had this to say: "I have to say how impressed I was; it is by far the best new product to come onto the market during my 22 years of working in rehabilitation. I believe it will set a new bench mark in powered wheelchair development."


New unique drive system for powerchairs

Tilt vs Recline: Which is the Winner?

Government News Heading

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth

Last year, Tammy Duckworth earned two important "firsts" when she was elected to Congress. 1) She was the first combat injured veteran to hold the office, and 2) she became the first disabled woman elected as well. The 44 year old Congresswoman is seen as the voice of a new generation of veterans, and her positive attitude is evidenced by this humorous quote: “One of the good things about losing your feet is I can wear all the pointy shoes I want and it doesn’t hurt any more. I can wear shoes just for fashion now.”


Tammy Duckworth on Gun Control, Women in Combat

FBI Raids Scooter Store World Headquarters

Sports Heading

2013 World Wheelchair Curling Championship

Russia hosts the 9th annual round robin tournament of stone sliders, held every non-Paralympic year and featuring teams from 10 countries. Last we heard, Sweden and Canada were tied for first place with the USA in third.


2013 World Wheelchair Curling Championship

Electric Eels PowerChair Football Club

Technology Heading

Mobility Expert App

As more people start using apps on their cell phones and tablets, we're keeping an eye on the increasing amount of healthcare related apps being developed. Core Care Technologies has developed an app called "Mobility Expert" that's designed to make evaluating a patient for a mobility device a simpler and more complete process. With more versions to come (including a free app for doctors, OTs and PTs), this is defiantly one app worth checking out.


Core Care Technologies Mobility Expert App

New Website!

Active Controls has launched a new website to highlight their range of products for power mobility providers. The site,, features information and video on the award winning Center Drive System and other innovative products. The simple, instant quote feature and provider map eases the process of ordering - while the videos are essential to explore the applications of drive controls such as the ReJoy.

A start up company, Active Controls designs and distributes innovative new controls and components for Durable Medical Equipment suppliers. With a combined 80 years of experience in the mobility industry, Active Controls is driven by a passion for improving the user-experience for wheeled devices of all kinds.